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mischa x crossing

Julian and I on the path to La Lune’s campsite. Still a wip!
Loosely inspired by mischacrossing's path to Frodo's house :3

so pretty! ^_^

can someone explain Line Play to me??? I’ve downloaded it and made my lil character, but I still don’t get the point. how do I make money to buy cute shit for my house? can I get another room? what do I dooo?



settle it with smash
Anonymous sent: i honestly have looked everywhere for how to do this! i don't know how to use a qr code for a custom design sign. they are always shaded so i can't choose it. help??!?! please :D

you have to change the mayor and town i.d. to your own so the game will think it’s your design. you can do that on this site, and there’s a lil tutorial to it hereimage



Lazy day

Today is one of those days..
Jk I have a test tomorrow 😭
Anonymous sent: how do you have two towns? do you have two physical copies of ACNL?

yes I do! image