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mischa x crossing

Am I the only one who wishes Katie was a villager?

timmy and tommy (◡‿◡✿)
Anonymous sent: I would love to start an ACNL blog and post snapshots of my game, but it seems that whenever I email the snapshots from 3DS to phone, they're blurry and low quality. How can I get them clearer? How do you transfer your photos from your 3DS to tumblr? Thanks! :) <3

I take most of my screenshots through miiverse! I have a lil guide to it here. sometimes I’ll just take screenshots with the L + R buttons and put the SD card in my laptop. image


can you tell how excited i am about the square topiary

I kind of forgot the specifics of this request because Tumblr eats messages.Sorry. Also, yayyy autumn!
(Kind reminder that requests are still closed, commission me instead)


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Time for a housewarming party!