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mischa x crossing
omg Marshal is gonna make my cry
Anonymous sent: How did you get your villagers to fit on the top part of your map? Does there have to be certain amount of space between the river and train track? I have a map similar to yours and I wanted to know if it's possible to have my villagers the same way. ;-;

there has to be one space between the house and the train tracks, and there has to be two spaces between the house and the river/ anything in front of it! image

finished my main room! now onto the kitchen ♡
starting to decorate my house. made a lil video game corner (✿◠‿◠)

"Don’t jump to conclusions!"
etsy / craft blog
kittie-loves-hetalia sent: Could you maybe see if there is a -reliable- follower of yours to dupe me/help me dupe some pink flowers, white flowers(any kind) and bushes? I'm willing to give up to 400k for at least 50 of each, maybe more! I just need help and my blog isn't super popular ;-;

^^^ can anyone help??? ^^^


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